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Career In Animation

Get your dream career path after an animation course in India

Looking for a career in the animation industry?

Perhaps you are on the right track! Animation industry offers a plethora of career opportunities to select from. Being a multi-faceted, billion dollar industry, it happens to be a dynamic and robust platform to explore through a variety of career options across different verticals.

Like any other industry, animation industry too took an exemplary paradigm shift in the past few years. And eventually, it has led to an increased demand of a lot of animation professionals to sync with the advanced sustainable development that has took place in the multifaceted sector of art & media. And, with a mission to guide through a systematic animation career path in India and create future experts, a noted number of animation training institutes has increased over the time.

Animation courses in Kolkata

Welcome to an all new versatile world of animation industry

After completing a career driven course in the animation industry, it opens the gateway for a wide range of career opportunities for the individual.

The industry has its application in verticals like Advertising, Online and Print media, Film & Television, Cartoon production, Theatre, Video gaming, and E- learning. In fact, from hardcore technical jobs like scanning, compositing, digital ink & paint, and game designing to the creative field of visual-effects supervisor, 3D modellers, and character animators, the animation industry defines its versatility in its signature way. Let’s take a tour of the animation career information that can lead you to the gateway of better scopes and opportunities of career.

Make way to the world of 2D & 3D technology, in the dynamic film industry

When it comes tobuilding a career in animation, nothing beats the job of a 2D and 3D animator. Today’s dynamic film industry needs a lot of such animation professionals. As a 2D animator, an animation professional can work with movement of characters in a two-dimensional artistic space. A 2D animator can move the characters left, right, up and down, but however cannot move it to and fro to the audience. As a 2D animator, the individual can develop storyboard, and can show expertise in character arrangement and character designing, apart from usage of computer graphics and motion.

A 3D animator on the other hand can work in a three dimensional artistic space. The work of a 3D animator appears more realistic with an added dimension to the characters in the artistic space. As a 3D animator, the major task of an individual is to add more depth to the characters. As a career, it is versatile to its core, and offers enormous opportunity to explore and apply creativity. Also, a 3D animation artist needs to take care to do the necessary research for projects and acquirenew ideas for animation, and create working models of the scene portrayed in animated movies. In fact, they also need to take care of story boarding, and collecting feedback and response from the clients for incorporating valuable inputs.

In recent times, the prospect of 2D and 3D animations has reached an epitome of importance in the current trends of the dynamic film industry.

Step in to the world of Film, Television and Advertising for a bright career in animation

The dynamic world of film, television and advertising thrives a lot on the application of creativities. And that’s where, the effort of an animation artist makes way in the same. Especially, when it comes to tell a story or a concept in a visual communication, the primary task is performed by a storyboard artist. The main task of a storyboard writer is to create a vivid picture out of a scripted concept. The designation involves a lot of creative ideas and innovation, essential for shaping a concept, out of scripted words. In fact the entire unit often needs to depend on a storyboard artist, in an advertising and television industry.

Another important aspect that happens to be a prospective career opportunity is the work of a Background artist. Especially in the enthralling world of media, the work of a background artist is no less in terms of priority. A background artist is responsible for creating the backgrounds for television commercials, films, videos and so on. The task involves application of fine arts, including background matte painting and several other components. The task is creative to its core, and obviously act as a dynamic option to pursue a career in animation.

In the enthralling era of 3D animation, along with the increased demand in the entertainment industry, the designation of Rigging artist indeed creates a mark of its own as a notable option for a career in animation. Rigging Artists can fabricate the skeleton for 3D objects before they are shaped into characters and animated.

Another important designation that make its way to the relevant sector, is Lighting Artist. Light is an important component of any video film. And application of light needs a lot of skill, which eventually forms a quintessential and careful task as well while shooting a video. And thus comes the importance of a lighting artist. The task of the lighting artist is to incorporate depth, mood and realism to a scene. The job of a lighting artist involves around making a scene realistic and lively. And this involves experimenting with lights so as to make the scene apt and robust, and come out with the best outcome. This is perhaps, one of the most versatile option to pursue a career in animation. And with experience, a lighting artist can get a handsome pay package.

Ever heard of Character Animators? Whenever you see the characters interacting in an animation feature, be sure it involves the sweat, toil and ideas of a Character Animator. The Character Animators manipulate the characters to act accordingly, with the help of software like Motion Builder 3D, Flash Professional, LightWave, Maya and others. So it is needless to mention the scopes and opportunities an individual can get as a Character Animator. The task of a character animator also involves developing storyboards, creating ambience and designing models.

So if creativity and innovation drives you to do something constructive and worthy, these options for career in animation is especially for you.

Climb your way to success in Print and Online media

When it comes to print and online media, nothing beats the designation of an Image Editor. An image editor usually selects, positions, edits the images to publish in the relevant media platforms. The area of work of an image editor involves newspaper, magazine, journals and also internet based online and web media. After completing a course in animation from a reputed animation institute in India, the individual gets a comprehensive knowledge about how to work as an image editor. The job responsibilities of an image editor calls for excellent perception about visual communication, and organizational skills.

The profession is dynamic to its core and the designation of an image editor obviously deserve a special mention as a prospectful career in animation.

Another important designation that needs to be mentioned in this context is the role of a Clean Up Artist. A CleanUp artist is responsible for creating clean and neat copy of a picture from a rough sketch. The initial rough sketch is prepared in a casual and loose way, and then subjected to the Clean Up Artist, for a neat, clean and fresh copy of image. The role of a clean up artist therefore also plays a pivotal importance in this relevant sector.

Work as an Animation Modeller and climb your way to success

The work of an animation modeller is to create characters in computer graphics and hard surface three dimensional models. The animation modeller remains in close association with the art director and co-operate to perform the tasks accordingly. The animation modeller is responsible for creating props, designing sets, and each and every component that is visible on the screen of an animation feature.

So if you are planning to pursue a career in animation, you may consider this designation as well to explore and implement your creative ideas to its core.

Exhale your creative skills in the Gaming and E-Learning industry

The ever booming industry of video games and E-Learning too needs the help of animation artists. To talk about a few, the foremost designation that deserves a mention is the performance of a Texture Artist. The texture artists are responsible for creating photo-realistic textures. These textures are then mapped on 3D objects for application. The job of a texture artist allows to apply creative and innovative ideas to a wide extent. Hence, the designation eventually facilitates to opt for an outstanding career in animation.

Talking about application of creativity in this particular genre, the role of Layout Artists, also play a pivotal role. The layout artists are responsible for creating visual effects and designs. Hence, it facilitates to deliver creative ideas and applications via visual communications. The task involves around working with Type Styles and Designs, and with consistent perseverance, you can take your career to further heights while working as a Layout Artist.

With the help of computerized programming, photorealistic images of 2D and 3D models are created by the Rendering artists as well which are widely applied in the relevant sector. So working as a rendering artist will also let you apply your creativity to a large extent, while pursuing a career in animation.

Sounds Interesting?

Till now, the discussion clearly reflects the plethora of career opportunities that one can have to pursue a career in animation. However, the eventual question that comes in the way is “What about the payouts?”

Well.. Even after so many opportunities that awaits your way, after successfully completing a career driven course from a reputed animation training institute in India, it matters as well how much you’re earning!

To be honest, a career in animation includes honing and sharpening your skills, consistently with time. Over the time, you learn to effectively apply your skills and innovative ideas in the corresponding sectors. And if you are good and effective in doing your job, a sustainable growth with a handsome pay package is just a step away.

Stop waiting, and be a part of this dynamic world today!
Welcome to the versatile world of Animation.

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