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MAAC Girish Park Brings To You - The Best Animation Courses in Kolkata

The global animation industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. This can be attributed to an increasing demand for animated movies and characters on the TV and in multiplexes, and an expanding customer base that includes adults as well as children. Growing access to technology has also led to this exponential growth.

The Indian Animation Industry has also seen a lot of growth in the recent past. A number of movies and TV series have animated components or characters, something that was unimaginable in the past. And in the rise of the animation industry, Kolkata has seen rapid activity and garnered an increasing concentration of animation studios in the country.

In today’s world, it is also true that you need not be a part of Chhota Bheem or Bahubali if you are an animator. The good news is that even business conglomerates and other organizations have their own animation teams that are responsible for advertising products and services.

Animation, therefore, is an excellent career choice in today’s world.

Animation not only provides you with an outlet for your creativitybut also lets you earn money by doing what you like. It helps you put your art into motion and, thereby, unleash your inner creativity and bring characters and ideas to life.

Kolkata houses one of the largest numbers of 3d animation institute in the country and offers some great animation courses. No doubt, Kolkata is turning into an animation hotspot in India. Interested students are pursuing 3d animation training in Kolkata to build careers in animation.

Now is the right time to step into the world of animation. And what better way to do it than with some of the best animation courses in Kolkata provided by Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) at Girish Park.

Animation Courses Kolkata
What is animation?
“Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive - Walt Disney”

Animation literally means infusing life into things. It is a technique by which you can run millions of separate images together and give the audience an impression of movement. The most basic form of animation is creating different stages of an act in a notebook and flipping the pages fast enough to give one the feeling of viewing the act in one piece instead of in separate pictures.

Where is animation used?

Animation has long been used as an effective tool to convey ideas and sequences to audiences. Today it is used as an efficient medium of expression and communication in many fields including education, medicine, gaming, media,and entertainment.

  • 1. Medicine :
    3D animations are used in hospitals to explain to patients how organs function and how a particular treatment would have the desired effect. It is also a valuable tool in medical classrooms.
  • 2. Education :
    Animations starting with simple animations on PowerPoint are effective educational tools. Animation helps students express themselves in an innovative manner while also improving their technical and presentation skills.
  • 3. Gaming :
    Animations are quite common in the gaming industry because of the inherent nature of the market. Online games need to have movement and animated sequences, hence, the animation plays a major role in gaming.
  • 4. Media and Entertainment :
    The animation is one of the essential requirements of this industry because of the increasing importance of animated sequences. Both adults and kids love animations and are demanding more of them.
Where do animators work?

Animators can join animation teams across industries and are no longer restricted to media and entertainment. Depending on your interests and years of experience, you may land up in one of the many positions below.

  • 1. Production assistant :
    Usually the starting position, where one undertakes a wide variety of support work.
  • 2. Modeler :
    Specializes in making models and puppets.
  • 3. 2D key animator :
    Provides the first drawings.
  • 4. 3D key animator :
    Works on images on the screen to give them life.
  • 5. Special effects animator :
    Adds a further dimension to sound and images.
  • 6. Compositor :
    Brings together all the material.
  • 7. Character animator :
    Responsible for creating and animating the character.
  • 8. Director :
    In overall charge of production.
What does it take to become an animator?

What does it take to become a good animator? You can do a lot of different things but these are some of the key things that you need to possess in order to be a successful animator.

  • 1. Passion for art.
  • 2. Ability to work hard and meet deadlines.
  • 3. A quick grasp of technology.
  • 4. Ability to adapt and keep up with technology.
  • 5. Storytelling skills.
  • 6. Patience to keep working on the same thing to make it the best.

MAAC - The Best Animation Institute in Kolkata

Who are we?

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) India is a leading 2D/3D animation institute in Kolkata. It is the high-end 3D Animation & VFX education brand of Aptech. We were established in 2001 and now have training centers both across India and the Middle East.

At these centers, we train thousands of students every year in the field of animation, VFX, filmmaking, web & graphics design, gaming, and media & entertainment. We believe that our students are our best brand ambassadors and hence, we train them with the best infrastructure, career-oriented courses, and a dedicated research & development team.

MAAC Girish Park (MAACGP) is a reputed branch of MAAC India with a number of accolades on its record. We are an Autodesk certified training center and one of the best animation training institutes in Kolkata.

MAACGP is your door to the world of media and entertainment and the best place in Kolkata to learn animation from.
What do we offer?

We offer a number of career-oriented 3d animation course in Kolkata. These include both 2D and 3D animation courses. Some of our noteworthy courses are listed below.

  • 1. AD3D EDGE :
    In this course, we go through the complete process of animation filmmaking, from pre-production to production and post-production stages of film-making. More emphasis is given to aspects like storyboarding, stop-motion, 3D Design,and Modelling. The course duration is 24 months.
  • 2. D3D :
    D3D is the Diploma in 3D Animation and Film Making. In this course, we cover courses focused on various nuances of Animation Film Making. The course is spread over 18 months and covers MAYA and 3D Max in detail.
  • 3. DAFM :
    DAFM is the Diploma in Animation & Film Making and exposes students to the details of pre-production and digital filmmaking along with an overall understanding of the 3D animation pipeline. This course is spread over a period of 14 months.
  • 4. Design Viz Pro :
    In this course, we outline the essential process of design visualization by using the industry’s leading visualization toolsets. Duration of this course is 7 months.
  • 5. IVPAD :
    IVPAD is the International Program in Visual Arts and Design and takes students through all the facets of Digital Content Creation. Duration of this course is 36 months.
Why should you choose us?

MAAC Girish Park uses world-class teaching methods in order to foster creativity and innovation and is the best animation institute in Kolkata. We invest a lot in our students and make sure they get full value for their money. You should choose us because we provide you with the best in the field of animation.

  • 1. In-demand courses :
    MAAC animation Kolkata has always designed courses that are in demand in the market. Depending on market requirements and requests from industry contacts, MAAC keeps its curriculum updated so that you do not lose out on jobs.
  • 2. Faculty with industry experience :
    The faculty at MAAC GP are industry-certified and all of them have experience in animation and/or filmmaking. They are up-to-date with the latest technology in the field and are continuously evaluated.
  • 3. Intuitive teaching methodology :
    The MAAC Intuitive Teaching Methodology makes sure that you learn the basics and develop a strong foundation in technology and execution. All our courses are equipped with both classroom training and practical implementation. Additionally, students have access to labs 24/7 so that they can practice what they have learned.
  • 4. Exemplary placement record :
    Our placement record over the years has been exemplary and we provide 100% placement assistance to all our students. MAAC GP has a dedicated placement cell that grows and nurtures its connections with animation studios in Kolkata and the rest of India.
  • 5. Affordable courses :
    We provide you with some of the most affordable animation courses in the country. Our animation course fees in Kolkata are among the lowest in spite of great performance records. We, therefore, ensure that you get good value for your money.

MAAC GP offers you the best and the most valuable animation courses in Kolkata. Our history of good performance across India and our tie-ups with leading animation names in the industry make us a great partner to start off your animation career with.

At MAAC GP, we provide you with round the clock access to animation labs where you can come, practice and make your animation projects come alive. You also have access to world-class faculty who have, themselves, been in the industry for many years and know the ins and outs of this world.

We are a leading animation institute in Kolkata and make sure that your animation dreams come true with us!

Join an animation course at MAAC GP today. Make the right career choice!

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Welcome to MAAC Girish Park
Placement MAAC Girishpark
Rakesh Mukherjee

Rakesh Mukherjee

Matchmoving Artist MPC Bangalore

MAAC is the best place for learning 3D animation. I am proud to be a student of MAAC Girishpark.

Utsav Guha

Utsav Guha

Modelling & Texturing Artist MPC-Bangalorer

I have been the student of MAAC Girishpark for one year. I have learnt a lot and thanks a lot to my instructors.

Subhadip Dutta

Subhadip Dutta

Texturing Artist Xentrix Studios Bengaluru

Hard working can make any person achieve his dream. I am extremely thankful to those faculties of mine who motivated me to touch my dream.

Sovon Jana

Sovon Jana

Modelling & Texturing Artist MPC Bangalore

MAAC Girishpark has given me the chance to show my talent to the world. Thanks to my faculties.

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