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Advance Program In Interractive & Game

Course Overview - A course through which you can learn the intricacies of game design and development. Create new worlds for people to explore and experience through a range of technologies and software that you master.

Course Duration: 576 Hours

Career Options

  • Lighting Artist
  • 3D Modeling Artist
  • VR Unity Developer
  • Rigging Artist
  • Animator
  • Game Asset Creator
  • Interactive Product Demo Texturing Artist
  • Game Level Designer
  • 3D Visualiser
  • 3D VR Background Artist
  • Render Wrangler
  • 3D VR developer
  • Layout Artist
  • AR unity Developer
  • Virtual Production Developer
Course Content
  • Design Fundamentals
  • Art Of Video Editing
  • Sound Editing
  • Digital Design
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Casual Games
  • Design Visualization
  • 3D Design & Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Lighting and Rendering
  • Character Setup and Rigging
  • Character Animation
  • Particle Dynamics
  • Digital Sculpting
  • Game Engine
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Game Asset Creation
  • Game Level Design and Integration
Software’s Covered
  • Adobe Photoshop TM
  • Adobe Premier TM
  • Adobe Audition TM
  • Maya TM
  • Animate CC TM
  • Unity Game Engine TM
  • Unreal Game Engine TM
  • Sketch Up TM
  • 3ds Max TM
  • Luminion

Note: This Course is available at select MAAC centers only. Please check with our representatives for further information.

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Welcome to MAAC Girish Park
Placement MAAC Girishpark
Rakesh Mukherjee

Rakesh Mukherjee

Matchmoving Artist MPC Bangalore

MAAC is the best place for learning 3D animation. I am proud to be a student of MAAC Girishpark.

Utsav Guha

Utsav Guha

Modelling & Texturing Artist MPC-Bangalorer

I have been the student of MAAC Girishpark for one year. I have learnt a lot and thanks a lot to my instructors.

Subhadip Dutta

Subhadip Dutta

Texturing Artist Xentrix Studios Bengaluru

Hard working can make any person achieve his dream. I am extremely thankful to those faculties of mine who motivated me to touch my dream.

Sovon Jana

Sovon Jana

Modelling & Texturing Artist MPC Bangalore

MAAC Girishpark has given me the chance to show my talent to the world. Thanks to my faculties.

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