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S3D (Program in 3D Stereoscopic Film Making) Join a MAAC Course. Make the Right Career Choice!

S3D Course Module

The career courses at MAAC give you a headstart after 10+2 by taking you through various aspects of Computer Graphics, 3D Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Film Making. The content enables you to adapt into a CG-oriented lifestyle and fit into a broad range of work spheres.

S3D - Program in 3D Stereoscopic Film Making

Clearly the next big thing in entertainment, the art of stereoscopy(commonly known as 3D imaging) is widely being used in the biggest Hollywood and Bollywood projects.S3D is a tailormade industry-oriented program which gives a complete insight of stereoscopic conversion process and takes students through the various stages of stereoscopic production, involving an in-depth learning of Rotoscopy, Tracking, Depth Creation, clean plate generation, Stereo Compositing and several other aspects of the stereoscopic conversion process.

3D film making courses

Duration : 6 months-140 Hrs

Course Content

  • Digital Enhancement™
  • Basics of Compositing™
  • Concepts of Stereoscopy™
  • Depth Creation for 2D/3D Conversion™
  • Clean Plate Creation™
  • Advanced Node Based Compositing™
  • Rotoscopy™
  • Planar Tracking™
  • Matchmoving™

Software Covered

  • Adobe Photoshop™
  • Adobe After Effects™
  • Foundry Nuke™
  • Mocha™
  • PFTrack™

Career Opportunities

  • Adobe Photoshop™
  • Adobe After Effects™
  • Foundry Nuke™
  • Mocha™
  • PFTrack™
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Welcome to MAAC Girish Park
Placement MAAC Girishpark

Rakesh Mukherjee

Matchmoving Artist MPC Bangalore

MAAC is the best place for learning 3D animation. I am proud to be a student of MAAC Girishpark.


Utsav Guha

Modelling & Texturing Artist MPC-Bangalorer

I have been the student of MAAC Girishpark for one year. I have learnt a lot and thanks a lot to my instructors.


Subhadip Dutta

Texturing Artist Xentrix Studios Bengaluru

Hard working can make any person achieve his dream. I am extremely thankful to those faculties of mine who motivated me to touch my dream.


Sovon Jana

Modelling & Texturing Artist MPC Bangalore

MAAC Girishpark has given me the chance to show my talent to the world. Thanks to my faculties.

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